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BeyondPay Announces Plans To Expand To Philadelphia Office Location

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October 31, 2016 /
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(Clinton, NJ -- Oct. 25, 2016) BeyondPay today announced plans to open a new office location in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties community. BeyondPay, headquarted in New Jersey, continues to expand its footprint with a regional hub strategy that provides opportunities to bring local clients together and build user communities with the goal of sharing best practices around the topic of Human Capital Management.

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“At BeyondPay, our goal is to get close to our customers to really understand their business so they can talk to us about the complexities of their processes and get strategic guidance,” said BeyondPay Sales Leader Cristen Justiss, who will be leading the team in Philadelphia. “We listened to Philadelphia CFOs, HR directors and business owners who wanted a local workforce management solution readily available to help streamline processes, so that’s primarily why we expanded.”

The Philadelphia BeyondPay office is set to open November 1st and will start primarily as a sales and marketing arm expanding out with additional operations over the next 3-6 months. The new office will be an urban hub for networking events, compliance presentations, and solution demonstrations. BeyondPay believes that by expanding locations it can better cater to local clients while expanding its online and phone support. There is also a significant talent pool to tap into and get involved with technology-focused individuals--who can find an exceptional place to live and work.

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By bringing the community together in the Northern Liberties area, a former manufacturing district popular amongst modern-day entrepreneurs, BeyondPay hopes to collaborate with more organizations to help businesses gain solutions to their HCM processes.

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