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Updates to Kronos Workforce Ready Enable Better HCM

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December 29, 2016 /
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KRONOS Workforce Ready Updates BeyondPay Blog.png

Updates to the Kronos Workforce Ready platform are set to increase the effectiveness of human capital management in organizations that use the popular cloud platform.

These new features in the recent release will facilitate improvements in employee engagement, workforce management and human resources compliance, among other crucial areas.

As a Kronos Premier Partner since 2015, BeyondPay has the ability to build and scale HR solutions based on Kronos technology that meet clients’ needs.

Below is a breakdown of the innovations coming to Human Capital Management through the update:

Transform the HR Experience

  • Identify top candidates through a new applicant heat map, which displays details of turnover rates and distance-based categories for increased recruiting efficiency
  • Engage premier talent with an enhanced applicant experience that includes the ability to select alternative languages during the application process and a new integration with LinkedIn profiles
  • Streamline benefits administration
  • Increase engagement through usability improvements like the ability to add review process instructions and personal goals within the review cycle

Optimize Workforce Management

  • Access critical workforce compliance data through our new and updated reports. These include System Wage Minimum, Accruals Summary, and Employee Overtime Exceptions for commissioned employees
  • Expanded scheduling functionality provides a new open shift report that enables managers to easily identify open or unassigned shifts across all planners the manager can access
  • A new electronic consent setting enables employees to forgo paper direct deposit vouchers

Manage Compliance and Platform Improvements

  • Support for regional compliance requirements, including the Affordable Care Act and working time regulations
  • Platform improvements for Google Cloud and REST APIs

To access a complete list of changes in a printable format, please click here.

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